The Real Me Is Unfolding


What would the real me be like, if it were in fact possible to actually get to a point where all the accumulated life experiences were stripped away and the essence of pure human consciousness was left? I get a feeling deep down inside that much of what we humans have experienced in this world since our physical birth, has had the affect of adding layer upon layer of psychological and emotional clutter, like an impermeable crust, that has done nothing but distract us from the truth and prevent us from reaching our potential as human beings. And, maybe this is just a result of what our backwards society has done to us over the millennia – most likely intentionally. This though, has essentially concealed who we truly are and what our potential is, in terms of being able to express ourselves by utilizing our brains to their fullest capacity and connecting ourselves on a transcendent spiritual level to the greater cosmos. Sometimes I think here, that I might be going off on a tangent with the purpose of my writing, and that the original intent to describe my personal experiences with what I believe to be such an awakening, might be getting lost in whatever else comes to mind. However, one of the effects of it as I see it, is an increased ability to see through the lies and distractions in life, and to chip away at all the nonsensicality in order to see the truth. This inevitably leads me to thoughts on the nature of reality and subjects such as this, where I wax philosophical about how life might be changed for the better in a spiritual sense.

As I sit and think about these things, the question arises in my mind as to what specifically is happening within me at the deepest levels of my being; that is spontaneously causing me to think in different ways? If my true personality is beginning to unfold and show itself, in part, because I now have a finely-tuned ability to detect even the smallest minutia of lies that society spoon feeds to us, I’m doing it without even thinking about it. What is that personality ultimately going to manifest itself as? Over time, will I find that I can no longer stand living a normal life, and be unable to perform my normal routine of work that I’ve spent so long practicing over the years? Will I begin to sense that life is in fact too precious and short to waste on the daily commute to work, and by doing something that really only serves to provide a paycheck, and nothing else even remotely fulfilling. If I don’t, I will surely wake up one day down the road, asking myself why I didn’t listen to my intuition tell me the time is nigh to make some dramatic changes – ones that embrace the inviolability of the human experience, and not simply to make a living and pay the bills. If anything, this realization is now firmly setting itself in my neural pathways, and without the least bit of uncertainty on my part as to its meaning, that my life’s path now unequivocally has to go in a different direction. I have come to see that my every waking hour is spent to some degree in contemplation on the true nature of reality, coming to terms with the fact that the world I thought I grew up in doesn’t exist in any real sense. It seems that my previous education has been at best questionable as to its efficacy, and the history lessons I learned nothing but a fictitious account designed to dissuade me from seeking the real truth. I now fortunately find myself able to assay my own information, and from various sources, that serves the purpose of breaking down the illusions I once held about our world, and freeing my mind to think for itself.

This also causes me to reflect on one of the primary struggles we have as a human race – that being the inability to really think for ourselves, because of all the distractions presented to us by the powers-that-be, who seem so determined to keep humanity’s potential hidden. Again, this topic veers off somewhat from my main thought on how my personality is changing due to this release. But, it is indirectly related in many ways because of the fact that like its potential, everything we need to further our individual evolution and become more enlightened is already within us. Yet, we have become so blinded from the truth and off-track from our natural course, and that our own true account of history has been so obscured and purposely hidden away in what can only be viewed as the intentional repression of humanity. Phenomenon such as this or any other so-called mystical or supernatural experiences that are innate to human beings, are either entirely discredited or labeled as some sort of religious fanaticism by the same mainstream organizations who work so tirelessly to keep hidden the secrets of humanity; to the extent they can continue control and manipulation over the masses. To counter this, we need to embrace some of the fundamental tenets in spiritual evolution – that being the inter-connectedness of everything, the love of self and others, and the understanding that all we need is within us. Of which, it is my opinion that this can help break through the psychological barriers we find ourselves constrained by, with the effect of reducing negative energy that exists in the world and increasing the positive.


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