The Discernment Of Truth


Being both a precursor and after effect of this experience is the ability to see through the cloudy haze of lies and illusions perpetrated onto humanity in such a blatant and offensive way that we see today. In the former, the ability already exists to no small degree, which is part of the reason why one is interested in and seeks out meditation and enlightenment. This helps guide us down the path towards truth. In the latter, the degree to which we can then differentiate truth from fiction in daily life is enhanced to an even greater degree, driven by the release of this dormant energy and ultimate source of awareness and intelligence. This however seems to only be the beginning phase in the opening up of our senses and conscious abilities, which remarkably appear to automatically develop in a short period of time through no additional will of our own. As I have experienced virtually overnight, any questions or doubts I had about my understanding and perception of the truth – not just regarding the human body, but through interpreting current events on the so-called news, listening to global leaders speak about world affairs, or trying to decipher the journalistic integrity of mainstream media has vanished and I fully understand and know without much effort what the truth is versus what is complete nonsense. In listening to my intuition, I don’t continuously need official evidence or supporting facts provided to me by some outside source to tell me what makes sense or not. It is clearly obvious that there is a mass manipulation on the part of those who control the world, to suppress much of the most important and life transforming knowledge accumulated through mankind’s history, in an effort to prevent us from progressing beyond our present physically-fixated state of being to one of enhanced conscious awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Again, in my opinion, the release of this energy is both a result of this understanding and the prima facie cause of it which serves to enhance our awareness to an even greater degree.

The reason why there have been so few in number, who have awakened in this way, is because the ability to grasp the truth in a world of propaganda and continual distraction has proven to be so influential in controlling the mind. I am sure, if humanity decided one day to simply turn off the television and stop reading the news, and made a concerted effort to listen and take better care of themselves, and to find a deeper connection with the environment around them; over a relatively short period of time, we would see a dramatic increase in the number of people experiencing the same sort of conscious awakening. This experience then, still being a great puzzle to me, is a metaphorical opening of the doorway into a new reality of life that has been hidden since our inception, mainly through suppression of truth and information by those in the know. It is truly humanity’s release from the psycho-spiritual prison that has been created over the ages, and one that has the potential to set us free from our existing socio-cultural paradigm based on materialism, power, and control; to one that embraces the human experience more towards physical transcendence.

The discernment of truth is no different from understanding the nature of reality, in that you fully take into account the information you receive through your intuition, making it whole with your sensory perceptions of what is happening around you. There is no separation between what you perceive to be real and truthful based on your senses and what comes through to you in intuition. It is in fact all one; we just haven’t become accustomed to basing a holistic idea for truth on this because of our lack of acceptance towards what cannot be quantified or rationalized outside of what we physically experience. Our intuition gives us a fuller picture through an influx of information on another level – one that should not be ignored and that perhaps is accompanied by human emotions as a means of expressing information received from outside the physical realm and from the source where everything is interconnected.

It is quite possible then, that the one who is viewed as too emotional, may in fact be more in touch with his or her intuition to a greater extent than others. While on the one hand our emotions can mark what we experience in this life, such as joy and sorrow; it can also represent a manifestation of information coming in from the source that can help us better understand our life. In the sense of this awakening, it may be the essential understanding we need, as a prerequisite, in order to really learn our lessons and continue growing. It would benefit us to let go of the preconditioned idea that we always need objective, empirical evidence in order to make good decisions, and to simply trust in ourselves and our instincts more often than not. This though, requires us to go against the accepted system of education and philosophy of thought we have been indoctrinated into from the beginning, and embrace the fact that all we need can be found within ourselves. Embrace your individuality, be yourself, feel your emotions, and do not conform to an accepted way of being that tries to convince you that you are otherwise less intelligent, disciplined, and in control of yourself, because you aren’t entirely rational and measured.

To me then, emotions may be a physical, human expression of information received from the source, as well as through our senses, for the purpose of being able to experience feelings in a personal way. This is part of what makes us uniquely human, in that we can feel things in a different way that is not purely through our five senses. When we try to repress our emotions, we are not serving ourselves well, as we are only repressing information being received through intuition that is there for the purpose of providing a richer, fuller experience of life. In stating this though, I’m not necessarily suggesting that all emotions should be expressed to their fullest in our lives, but rather understood when they come so that we can better interpret what we’re going through. As with most things in life, there needs to be balance. The key to being able to do this effectively is perhaps the ability to maintain calmness of thought, have an understanding of the human condition, love, and empathy for others; so that when emotions are felt, they don’t run amuck and exert too much control over our interactions. This now brings me back to my initial thought that we actually feel emotions within ourselves. We can’t see or touch them in the physical world – so then, what are they really? To say they are simply bio-chemical reactions to experiences seems senseless to me. It seems to me that emotion is one of those things that is unquantifiable outside the realm of defining the biological mechanism that occurs within the body. Not everyone feels sadness or happiness at the same things. To me, emotion is effectively a sixth sense that integrates all our other senses together for a more complete understanding. And, like the others, we need to flow with it in order to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In this sense, we should embrace our emotions and not fall prey to those suggesting that they need to be held in check or ignored for the sake of being level-headed.


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