Can We Be Ego-Less?


I wonder about the feasibility of reducing the ego down to nothing in order to really find our true self. Is it possible for humans to do this, in light of the fact that we seem to be spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body? Spiritual adepts of the past and present suggest through their writings that this is a requirement for enlightenment. And, if we truly are spiritual beings, something infinitely more than three dimensional cell-based bodies, then it seems to me that the idea of an ego-less existence is within the grasp of anyone who realizes it and seeks it out. The ego then is reduced to nothing more than an illusion that we carry with us in our daily lives, as a result of the false idea that we are only physical beings living a material existence. In the months prior to my awakening, I felt aspects of my ego drifting away from me. The level to which I applied value and importance to aspects of ego had decreased noticeably and I woke up one day and realized what had happened without my noticing it. I didn’t know why at the time. Now, looking back and being able to understand the individual preparation I was going through; it needed to be reduced as it was an unsustainable aspect of my being, and blockage to understanding the truth that an elevated human consciousness does exist outside this illusion we call life.

My ego and belief that what I am is a body living in a finite world, as well as a random expression of life with only the opportunity to evolve physically and mentally, was slowly being withered away under the auspices that a new realization based on personal spiritual experience was about to befall me. I persistently felt during the time prior to this, a deepening sense of oneness with everything, a continuous urge to go within my soul to find answers, and a release of the meaningless things that trapped my mind in a box, which so disabled my ability to fruitfully move forward in what seems to be my predestined awakening of the soul. I have contemplated in the past and tried to find a rationale for how things fell into place, and for what I equate to a metaphysical vacuum drawing me in, removing the detritus, and purifying my soul. And yet, despite this, I haven’t discovered any rational reasons for the changes that occurred within me – perhaps because there is nothing rational about it. Only that I consciously sought out a greater understanding and was provided with what I needed, in a myriad of ways, to achieve that end. It has become clear to me, that the elimination of ego and existing self perceptions is an important aspect in being able to connect to a source outside the physical realm, and to take that next step in spiritual evolution.

How or why would a person not familiar with meditation, or for that matter, the understanding of a higher consciousness beyond the physical body be interested in removing the ego? How often does the average person think about what it really is and how it affects their everyday life? Anyone can, if they make the effort to do so. But, I suspect that most people do not. It’s difficult to say the least, trying to live in this illusory existence which appears so much to be only a 3-D physical reality, and to have the realization that in order to grasp something beyond that, we just need to let it all go and see beyond the self. To connect to this alternate reality then, as I have suggested, requires us to remove mundane thoughts about what is going on in the world, to sit in quiet for a while, and get in touch with our true spirit. I think though, that the perception of personality and ego hold so much power over what we do, and create such a sense of comfort and predictability for us, that many people are afraid of what they might realize if they choose to do so. We like living in the illusion. What is it about the truth that scares us so much? Is this a result of our society’s coddling culture? Or, is there something inherent in human beings that compels us to create this illusory world, because the alternative is too difficult to confront?


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